Wild Baba Productions house is one of the leading film production houses not only in Berlin, but in Mumbai, India as well, which is known for delivering client-oriented services. Being acting as one stop management service provider, we understand the fact that every project has unique requirements and objectives, thus accordingly make required arrangements keeping in consideration the budget constraint and deadlines.

Services Offered

Whether a national or international company is looking for assistance with regard to line production service, co-production service, for selecting national locations for shooting, filming permits, etc., we offer timely services to our clients. Our meticulous planning and extensive knowledge about local resources always help us in making required arrangements in organized manner for our esteemed clients. It goes without saying that all our services are backed with extensive research and data, therefore seldom it happens that we need to execute or come up with another strategy.

Our Resource – Our Strength

Wild Baba Productions is one such film production service provider in Berlin and Mumbai, India where talented, experienced and professionals work who enjoy sound connection and reputation in media as well as in Bollywood industry. Moreover, the team keeps itself abreast with the latest technology and changes in the industry, thus never fail to offer video production solutions of avant-garde quality. They understand the nuances of media industry, thus follow professional approach since inception of the project.

Why Us?

If you are still pondering over our credibility, here are some facts which distinguish our services from our competitors.

•  We have been offering quality video production services in India and abroad at cost-effective rates.

•  Our corporate office is in Mumbai, but we have presence in major cities of India.

•  Our team works actively on every script by giving creative inputs and making arrangements of camera equipment and other.

•  Our line of expertise is Ad films, documentaries, TV commercials and Digital Media

•  Our crew members comprises of assistant directors, production designers, makeup and hair stylists, location managers, costume  

    designers to name a few.

•  We are ready to offer extended support to our clients by helping them in marketing their videos or ads.

•  Right from budgeting, scheduling to pre-production planning, we aim to offer turnkey video productions services to our clients.

We always remain in our toes to help our clients in the most fruitful manner. So, why to wait more? Get in touch with us now if you are planning to start a project in any Indian location but something is stopping you. We will definitely be there for your rescue.